Warm and Cozy Cabin Decor

Fall is in the air and with the new season comes a desire to decorate with warm and cozy accessories. Our cabin is filled with so many of my favorite things! For the most part, they all tend to be warm and cozy in color, texture or age.

Warm and Cozy Books

It doesn’t take much to get that immediate cozy feeling with a stack of old books. When we built our cabin, I began collecting old books from library sales and thrift stores. I knew I was going to have book shelves but wanted to fill those shelves with old worn books verses brand new.

warm and cozy books

Besides being in a warm red cabinet, there is something about vintage book covers that really warms my heart!

Warm and Cozy Blankets

There is probably nothing more warm and cozy then a fluffy throw or thick blanket. I have plenty of soft throws around the cabin but my favorite blanket is our vintage trappers blanket.

warm and cozy blanket

The thick wool blanket is not only warm but it also has nostalgic value as it was passed down from my husband’s grandpa. Wooden ladders and baskets make great places to display blankets.

Warm and Cozy Rugs

A rug can dramatically change the look of a room. Our cabin living room is pretty neutral in its furnishings and wall color. And, I used to also have a neutral color rug in there. It looked fine but the room was a little bit too cool. To add a big punch of warmth, I added a large red rug to the middle of the room. Not only is the rug warm in color but it is also very soft on the feet!

warm and cozy rug

I also like to toss a lot of pillows around to soften and cozy up an area. It’s never hard to find pillows that I like! In fact, I may have a little too many. But, it’s always nice to be able to change out colors or patterns for the seasons.

Warm and Cozy Kindling

I don’t know if you can really count kindling as a decor item but for some reason, I like to look at! In the early Fall, I always go for a walk in the woods to collect branches. I then wrap up small bundles with twine for fire starters. These all get placed in a fun galvanized bucket.

warm and cozy kindling



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