Valentines Day Ideas For Empty Nesters

My husband and I have always tried to celebrate Valentines day at least in some small way. A quick dinner out or maybe a box of chocolates and all was good! Our busy lives with the family didn’t allow for many more Valentines day ideas than that.

Now that we have more time to focus on each other, I can honestly say that I don’t need to celebrate much differently than we did before. In the past, holidays like our anniversary or Valentines day, were reminders to take time out to focus just on us. Now we have many more opportunities for date nights and quiet time together. The romantic holidays no longer stand out as much as needed opportunities.

That does not mean, however, that I don’t like to at least acknowledge the day. I am all about festivities and little tokens of love!

Valentines Day Ideas

1. A Candle Lit Dinner At Home

I tried this once when the kids were small and it was pretty much a colossal failure. I had a gourmet Italian dinner menu all planned out with handwritten menus to boot. The ingredients for my dinner could only be found at a specialty grocery store about 30 minutes away. I was going to set up a small intimate table lit by candles….. The key phrase here is that “I was going to”. However, my day didn’t go as planned. All three of our kids were in various stages of the chicken pox. I still had managed to get the menus prepared and the ingredients purchased. It would still be a great night I thought. But no! My husband came home from work early and itching. I couldn’t believe that he hadn’t had chicken pox as a kid! And, he seemed to be in much worse condition than the kids. I still made the meal but ended up serving it to my husband in bed who by the way had no appetite. The thought of having an intimate candle lit dinner at home never struck be again. That is until now! Timing is everything.

valentines day ideas

2. Write Out A Love Letter

Instead of purchasing another Hallmark card, why not write out a love letter to your spouse? I’ve handwritten my own cards in the past simply because I had forgotten to go out and purchase one. Although they were received well, I think that a well intentioned and thought out love letter would be a bit more special.

3. Celebrate With Grandchildren

Because our parents used to babysit for us on Valentines day, I think that it only makes sense to do the same for our children. Date nights are so precious when you are in the middle of raising a family. Now that we can have date nights whenever we want, affording that opportunity to our kids is not only a gift of love for them but also for us. If we have to give up a holiday celebration so that our kids can go out, it is still a win win situation. Spending time with a grandchild is so much fun and we can always celebrate the holiday, just on a different day.

valentines day ideas

These Valentines day ideas are really quite simple. The focus is more on using your extra time for a more quality experience.

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  1. Renee

    As a fellow empty nester and one of the reasons I started my blog, love your ideas! Thank you for visiting our “Vintage Valentine”, so glad to meet you!


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