Parenting Adult Children After They Leave The Nest

What happens when our children leave the nest? Do we just send them off and hope for the best? No! Our adult children will always need us. Parenting adult children is different than when they are living at home but there is still a role.

Adult Children Still Need Words Of Encouragement

Your kids are probably at the scariest point in their lives. They are venturing out on their own and have so much to learn. This is where we, as parents, need to lend our support and give encouragement.

Just because they are not living at home and in our view does not mean that we can’t communicate effectively.

It’s easier now days to stay in touch than when I was growing up. Social media and cell phones make contact a breeze. I first started on Facebook when one of my daughters moved to New York City. Even though I talked to her frequently, seeing her updates on Facebook kept me in tune with her day to day life and she could see what was going on with mine.

I can’t imagine life without cell phones! I particularly like texting. Some days I will simply send a text out to all of my kids just stating that I love them and hope they have a great day. They don’t have to respond but still know that I am thinking of them.

If I ever thought that my kids wouldn’t need me after they left home, I was very wrong! Just recently, I had my son asking about 401K advice, a daughter needing encouragement, and another daughter sharing pregnancy updates – all in the course of a day!

Parenting Adult Children Through Prayer

I pray for my kids every day. Through good times and bad times I pray for wisdom and guidance. It’s comforting to know that even if I don’t see them every day, God is watching over them.

When struggles occur for my kids, I may not have the answer right away. I pray that God will give me the words and the wisdom to guide them through these times.

My wish is for them to have their closest relationship with the ultimate perfect parent, God.

Adult Children Become More Like Friends

parenting adult children

Although adult children still need help and guidance, the role of parenting becomes more like a friendship. I love spending time with our kids and really appreciate their unique personalities. They are fun to hang out with and they now have the maturity to have good conversations without getting annoyed.

I am lucky that two of my kids live within a few miles of us and the other one is just two hours away. However, even when one of my daughters lived in New York City for seven years, our phone conversations kept us close. Of course, it was also a good reason to visit New York frequently!



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