My First Attempt At A Fabric Bird

With more time on my hands, at this stage of life, I thought I would try a new craft. I found I enjoy collecting fat quarters from the fabric store. The eye catching patterns and colors get me every time! To put some of my fabric to use, I decided to try and make a fabric bird!

When I was trying to think of a fun craft to make and sell, I thought of birds because they are so endearing. Since I like to sew, a fabric bird seemed like a logical choice. So, I bought a book on craft birds with a nice variety of patterns.

Since it is close to Christmas, I decided to choose my coordinating fabrics mainly in reds.

fabric bird

Fabric Bird Pattern

The book I used was Pretty Birds by Virginia Lindsay. Since I love little songbirds, I chose the wren pattern. I had to scan the bird pattern from the book and then scale the pattern up by 45% when I printed it.

There were only six pattern pieces that I had to work with making it nice and easy. I had the pieces cut out and pinned to my fabric in no time at all.

Constructing The Fabric Bird

The instructions were easy to follow and I only made one deviation. The bird tutorial did not include legs. I winged this part and twisted some wire to form the leg base. Then, I just inserted the wire into the an opening on the underside of the bird. This was an opening that was left to turn the bird right side out.

When I stitched the opening close, I just stitched closely around the wire legs.

Fabric Bird Results

fabric bird


I think I will do the legs a little differently next time. These are nice and sturdy but I think I can get away without doubling up on the wire legs. I want to try just a single wire for the legs to look a little more delicate.

fabric bird

And, I think it found it’s home perched next to this tree inspired vase.

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