The Joys Of Becoming A New Grandma

I always imagined that becoming a grandparent would be amazing. However, the ecstatic joy I have felt after becoming a new grandma far surpasses what I even imagined.

Not only do I love my little granddaughter to pieces, but I also love seeing my own daughter as a mommy herself. It is such a joy watching her and my son in law in their new role as parents. The love and care they give their daughter warms my heart.

There was one thing about becoming a grandma that I didn’t care too much for……

Labor and Delivery!

I normally don’t feel like I get stressed out too easily. However, knowing my daughter was going into labor was a bag of mixed emotions. I was thrilled to know it was happening but at the same time I was worried about what she might go through. Even though I was comforted by prayer, I didn’t realize just how tense I was until after my granddaughter was safely born. Knowing that both daughter and granddaughter were doing great was such an amazing feeling. I felt the tension rapidly leaving me and utter joy filling it’s place.

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There May Be A Learning Curve With Being A New Grandma

Over the generations, many things have been learned about keeping babies the safest and healthiest. I was talking to my mom, the other day, and found out that I was brought home from the hospital cradled in her arms! That seems like such a shocker now days. It must have taken too many car accidents to end up with a way to help prevent injury.

It seems like for every potential risk, there is now a new technique for raising a baby. I may have to learn some new things! This doesn’t bother me as I also want the best possible care for my granddaughter. My only hope is that all of the information out there doesn’t cause undo stress for new parents. It’s good to know best practices, however it’s unlikely that a few mistakes are going to cause disaster. Otherwise, there is a huge chunk of us that never would have made it beyond infancy!

My Role As A New Grandma

Even though we technically have an empty nest, a new grand baby fills that space in such a wonderful way!

The time I have spent so far with my granddaughter has been so sweet and special. I get as much joy holding her as watching her parents snuggle her with love. As she grows, I hope that I have some wisdom to share with her by both words and example.



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