How To Eat Healthy During The Holidays

Healthy eating means different things to different people depending on the diet they are on.  For instance a low carb diet is about the opposite of a low fat diet. However, there are basic tips that everyone can follow to know how to eat healthy during the holidays.

how to eat healthy

8 Tips On How To Eat Healthy When Surrounded By Treats

  1. Do not go to a party hungry  Make sure you have a little something healthy in your tummy so that you are less likely to binge eat. Try one of the top foods to curb your appetite to help you out. I like to snack on a little cheese or almonds before leaving the house.
  2. Allow yourself a small portion of one or two special dishes or treats  This may not seem like a way to eat healthy but by allowing yourself a couple of treats, you will most likely feel satisfied without overindulging. Think about those items that are the most special to you. When you approach a dessert table with all kinds of wonderful goodies, pick just one that looks to be your favorite and savor every bite!
  3. Drink coffee with dessert – A cup of coffee with dessert will help with appetite suppression and help you to feel satisfied.

how to eat healthy4. Choose homemade foods vs. processed foods -Be picky about what you choose to eat. An appetizer, such as chicken puffs, is going to be healthier than processed pizza rolls.

5. Eat plenty of the healthy food choices – Things like fresh vegetables or salad will help to fill you up making it less likely you will overindulge in other things. I don’t know about you but whenever I get a salad before my meal, when eating out, I feel too full to finish my entree.

6. Eat slowly – It can take a little while for you to actually feel filled up. Usually when you get that feeling, you’ve already eaten too much. So, eating slow will allow enough time for your brain to get the signal.

7. Drink plenty of water – Besides increasing metabolism and helping to prevent hangovers, drinking water keeps you actively putting something in your mouth and helps to keep you feeling satisfied.

8. Choose alcoholic drinks with the the least amount of calories – Wine is a good choice as it is an anti-oxidant. Liquor is healthier mixed with water or just straight. I like vodka and water with a lime. It’s refreshing and keeps you from getting dehydrated. However, moderation is the key!

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