Halloween Decor Made Subtle

I look forward to decorating for Christmas but Halloween? Not so much! It could be that I’m not a fan of Halloween decor in orange and black. Or, since my kids are all grown up and out of the house, I don’t get too excited about it. Also, holiday decorating in a small loft space cannot be overwhelming.

I do, however, like to put a touch of Fall into my decorating when the weather turns cooler. And, the first thing that I think about happens to be pumpkins – just a subtler version of the traditional. My favorite pumpkin is one that I purchased on clearance and then covered with birch bark. I think of it as country Halloween decor.

halloween decor

Because the color is neutral and the size is small, this pumpkin fits in well in my small loft space. There is nothing to overwhelm! The rustic look also makes a good accent in an old industrial setting. If you want to make a pumpkin like this yourself, check out my birch bark pumpkin craft.

It’s also easy to just purchase small white pumpkins to use as a centerpiece. They can be placed in any type of decorative container for a simple festive look. I have placed white pumpkins on a glass pedestal cake pate for an easy centerpiece. The addition of white pip berries gives it a little more texture.

halloween decor

I wouldn’t say that either of these ideas really screamed Halloween decor. But, the hint is there. Maybe Fall decor is a better description. There are other ways to incorporate some subtle Halloween ideas into your decor. A strategically placed crow or raven would make great Halloween decor. The black color of a crow is still neutral and subtle.

Halloween Decor For Sale

I recently designed some Halloween decor to sell in my Zazzle store.  I created a whimsical crow with the backdrop of Edgar Allen Poe’s, The Raven.

halloween decor

You can find this and other home decor items at my store, Renee Hanlon Designs.


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