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As part of my empty nest lifestyle change, I went back to college for Web Design. I decided that if I was going to go back to work, it would not be back to Accounting. Instead, I wanted to do something that I knew I would really enjoy.  My original degree was in Accounting but I had also minored in Computer Programming. I had just chosen to go the Accounting route back then when I really always enjoyed my programming classes more. Now was my chance to explore the computer side again and I earned a certificate in Web Design and Development. I was actually sad when the classes were done because I had enjoyed them so much.

Along with web design, I also really enjoy blogging. I decided that I could combine the two by sharing some of what I learned. The tips I am sharing are geared mostly for bloggers and more specifically WordPress blogs. I have been using the WordPress platform for blogging since 2010. I’ve learned a lot about WordPress plugins, customization and themes along the way. Combining this knowledge with what I learned about seo, css and html through school, gives me some good insight for web or blog design.

The following posts for bloggers are a great source for improving blog performance. Find ways to improve SEO, create a knockout blog design and give your readers a better user experience. Much of this is done by creating a child theme and editing the CSS style sheet as well as improving the function by using key WordPress plugins.



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How To Create A Blog Design That Readers Will Love

You may have heard that content is king when it comes to a successful blog. While this is true, it's ...
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