Flipping Houses As A Creative Outlet

An empty nest, for us, meant it was time to downsize to a smaller home. This has worked out great in all areas accept for my creativity. I have always really enjoyed home decorating and building projects. Now, flipping houses is a great way to fulfill that need for projects and decorating.

Our first flip home was a scary mess to begin with. We were able to purchase the home for about the cost of a lot. The house was in such bad shape and hadn’t been lived in in years. I guess we figured that if we were going to do it we might as well jump in head first!

Into this….

house flipping

How To Flip A House For The Most Profit

Flipping houses can be done in a couple of different ways. You can invest very little money into improvements and only concentrate on a few cosmetic upgrades. There is a possibility that you can get a house looking good enough to sell and still earn a small profit. Or, you can go all in and do a major gut and renovation with the potential for a greater profit.

We decided to go all in. Not only did we see the potential in the house but we also could fulfill more of our creativity. It got even more motivating when our daughter and son in law decided to move from New York City to Michigan. They were going to need a house and so we worked with this possibility in mind.

At some point, mid way through, they definitely liked where things were going with the house and decided that they wanted it. This meant that we could also enlist their help with some of the final touches!

flipping houses

Before And After Pictures

This house flip was a ton of work but it was so incredibly satisfying to revive the old character and also improve the layout for better functionality.

flipping houses

In the foyer we relocated the ceiling light from the center of the foyer to being centered between the two corner windows. It looks great from the outside! We also replaced all of the plaster in the house with drywall and refinished the wood trim, stairs and floors. A lot of what we originally liked about this house was all of the character of the stairway, trim, and floors throughout. We only had to replace the spindles on the stairway but the rest is original.

house flipping

There were such strange wall coverings in this house. The kitchen had some kind of vinyl on the walls. It felt so good to strip everything down to the studs and get new drywall. The kitchen flooring was also really bad. It was the only room on the main floor that didn’t have hardwoods.  I didn’t want to try and match up the new wood flooring in the kitchen with the rest of the house. So, I decided to go lighter and with a distressed look.

flipping houses

Once I was able to take off the paneling, then the wallpaper, then more wallpaper, I was able to get out a heavy pry bar. I then used the pry bar to knock all of the plaster off the walls. The wall that shows the paneling, in the before, was moved two feet in to make a bigger bathroom on the other side.

flipping houses

The doorway to the left was put in by us for access to the master bedroom. The configuration before was real strange and dangerous.

flipping houses

The doorway at the top of the stairs led to a small bedroom which led to what is now the master bedroom. It was such an awkward place for a door! We closed that opening up, which is why we needed the new access. You can still get to this room from the master bedroom but it is now a walk in closet instead.

Finished House Flip

My daughter and son in law ended up moving  in and we all celebrated Christmas there during their first year.

flipping houses

If your are considering flipping houses, there are several things to consider. The purchase price of the original home needs to be low enough to afford the improvements. Do you have cash on hand or will you need to take out a loan for the renovation? The cost of a loan should be a part of the whole job estimate.

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