Farmhouse Style In The Middle Of The City

Everywhere you shop for home decor, these days, you see an abundance of farmhouse style accents. I love the look of these warm and cozy accessories but I happen to live in an urban loft. Can farmhouse style work in the middle of the city? I say yes!

What Is Farmhouse Style?

Farmhouse style is basically a trend of decorating any home with simple and comfortable accessories. Items such as reclaimed wood, industrial metal and vintage pieces are used sparingly to create warmth and coziness. A neutral color palette keeps things looking clean and sleek. I like to think of this style as rustic chic.

Modern Farmhouse In The City

A couple of our loft elements that lend well to farmhouse decorating are the worn wood floors and the exposed brick walls. Combining these elements with a neutral palette and industrial metal set the base for a modern farmhouse look.

farmhouse style

This metal stool is actually made from salvaged metal parts, including an old tractor seat.

A kitchen is an easy room to decorate farmhouse. We updated our small kitchen and now have achieved a more rustic chic look.

city farmhouse style

Before downsizing, I had a great collection of vintage kitchen items like scales and coffee grinders. However, now to keep things more minimal I have just a few, such as my paper towel holder. I bought my chalkboard pig years ago from a quaint shop in Petoskey. It fits in quite well for a farmhouse feel.

Our dining area also has some farmhouse style elements.

farmhouse style

We kept our classic Queen Anne style dining set (minus a couple of leaves) and mixed things up in the area with a sliding reclaimed door.

farmhouse style

Wooden signs are such a popular item in farmhouse decorating. This sign is my favorite for daily inspiration. The antique mop bucket is also a great place to hold soft neutral flowers.



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