The Easy Kitchen Updates That Transformed Our Small Space

As if downsizing from a large house to a small city loft wasn’t hard enough, our new kitchen was also in dire need of a makeover! The biggest problems were that the kitchen had old appliances and a counter top that was too low. I’m not sure why it wasn’t standard height but the issue was obvious. Instead of the oven being flush with the counters, it sat about an inch and a half higher. The shortened counters just made the small kitchen look even more tiny. Also, the walls were painted two different colors which just added to the chopped up feeling. I was looking for some easy kitchen updates!

Fresh Paint

I love to paint! It’s one of the easiest ways to update anything. Since the kitchen is so small, I wanted to lighten it up. Also, going with just one color paint helped to give the space a more cohesive look.

kitchen walls before and after


I used Behr paint in planetary silver with an eggshell finish. The paint had a primer mixed in and two coats were needed to cover up the dark colors. I immediately felt calmer after the new paint was on the wall!

Oh, and did I mention that I didn’t like the tile backsplash? I thought about replacing the tile but then had an easier idea. I decided to paint that too.


easy kitchen update

The existing tile wasn’t so bad but my new brighter color scheme called for crisp white. I love white subway tile and was planning to replace the tile with that if the paint job didn’t work. What did I have to lose? The cost of the paint was low and it wouldn’t take much time to complete.

New Kitchen Counter

The counter top problem baffled me a little at first. I thought I might have to get all new taller base cabinets to get the counter high enough. This didn’t interest me. The last thing that I wanted, after just moving, was to have my kitchen torn apart. I was ready to start nesting! After some research on different types of counters, I found my solution. I could get a concrete counter top that was three inches thick. This brought the counter up to a standard height and flush with the oven. The cost was comparable to granite and I loved the industrial look for our downtown loft.

I was only without a counter for a few days while our new one was being poured. The counters were made offsite and then brought in to be installed. With this type of counter, I also needed a new sink and faucet…..yes!!!

We need to just focus on that old counter for a minute. Not only was it lacking in height, it also was laminate with very obvious seams.

counter before


And, the overhanging bar was supported with ugly brackets.

bar before and after


I switched out the white wooden brackets for the more industrial plumbers pipe brackets. Because I don’t like choppy colors, I also painted the wooden mounting board to match the wall.

More Easy Kitchen Updates

It was real easy to replace all of the cabinet knobs for an updated look. The old knobs were so small, they were almost invisible. I picked out larger knobs in a distressed black finish.

easy kitchen update

Another easy update was to replace all of the appliances. The old appliances were a mix of almond, black and stainless steel. Now all of the appliances match and are more modern. I also needed to get a cart for storing the microwave and other small appliances.

storage rack



kitchen storage

These easy updates were done quickly and I was able to get all of my things neatly organized.

small kitchen updates

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