As the author of the blog, Rustic Crafts and Chic Decor, it is evident that I have a passion for crafts. These posts are an extension of that blog with new craft projects that extend to events and selling.

With the downsizing of our home, I have also needed to become creative with an effective craft space. Luckily, I found some extra space at our cabin that I could use! Since the area is smaller than my former craft room, I have learned to organize supplies more efficiently.

Here you will find posts on crafts to make and sell as well as ideas for small craft spaces.

Crafts To Sell & Spaces To Create

fabric bird

My First Attempt At A Fabric Bird

With more time on my hands, at this stage of life, I thought I would try a new craft. I ...
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sell crafts online

How To Sell Crafts Online For The Most Success

If you have been making your own crafts for awhile, you may be ready for the next step of selling ...
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