Craft Beer Galore In Grand Rapids

If you like drinking craft beer, you will love hanging out in Grand Rapids. There are breweries at practically every corner. At last count, there were over sixty breweries in and around the city. Plus, there are more popping up all of the time!

I really wasn’t a beer drinker when we moved to Grand Rapids a couple of years ago. However, I will have to say that I am now! Craft beers have much more of a variety of flavors then domestic beers. Now I like going beer tasting as much as I have enjoyed wine tasting. I discovered that I like the dark beers with notes of coffee or chocolate.

Although there are so many breweries in Grand Rapids, there are a few that really stand out to me.

Grand Rapids Craft Beer Destination Favorites

Brewery Vivant – There is a nice variety of craft beer at this brewery with some unique flavors. We can go with a group, all with different taste buds, and everyone ends up happy with their choice. They have several brews that are always available and some that are seasonal. There seems to always be new choices to try, with limited availability, making it a fun tasting experience every time.

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A new favorite for me is their Cocolistic stout. It has notes of coffee and chocolate and is barrel aged with toasted coconut. This one is not too sweet and you can really taste the coffee and coconut.


Founders Brewing Co. – Founders has to be the biggest Grand Rapids brewery with many varieties of great tasting beer. With music events, a deli, and a gift shop, this brewery is truly a destination.

Although my husband likes the All Day IPA, he stood in line with me for several hours once for the KBS tapping. By the way, this was in March and very cold outside! This Kentucky Breakfast Stout is brewed with coffee and chocolates and then aged in an oak bourbon barrel. Each year they have a new release that draws crowds for the tasting. Standing in line to get in wasn’t even so bad when we met such nice people along the way.

Hopcat – Since Hopcat is located right across the street from our loft, it is very convenient to go to. Even if we had to travel further, we would definitely be hanging out here often. This brew pub probably offers the most variety of craft beers, from different breweries, so there is always a good choice. And, if I’m going to mention Hopcat, I should also mention their crack fries — so addicting!

Go On A Craft Beer Tour

Since there are so many craft beer choices in Grand Rapids, it would be a fun destination to go on a craft beer tour. Check out this Grand Rapids brewery map for directions to get to all of the breweries.





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