City Life Advantages For Empty Nesters

Once the kids have all grown up and moved out of the house, things get incredibly quiet, That big house in the suburbs no longer seems necessary and city life starts to sound more desirable. The move to the city has been a growing trend for empty nesters. In fact, there is new name for us……Ruppies! This stands for Retired Urban People.

I never pictured myself living in a big city or even mid sized city. However, once we made the decision to sell our house in the suburbs and move to Grand Rapids, I couldn’t be happier.

5 Of The Best City Life Advantages

 1) Energy of Cities Just seeing other people walking around and enjoying the city, gives off a certain energy that is contagious. Question come up like, “where are they going?” and “what are they doing?” which result in thinking ‘I want to do that too!’

city life and walking

There is also so much architectural interest with bridges, buildings and art structures that let off another type of energy to the senses. When you feel that energy of the city, it gives you a boost to try new things and not get set in your ways.

2) So Many Good Restaurants and Coffee Shops – Without having the whole family to cook for anymore, it can be more fun to go out for dinner more often. Not only are there a wide variety of restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance, but the majority are exceptionally fantastic! A big city tends to draw in renowned chefs and plenty of farm to table options for clean eating. These healthy and well prepared options can make dining out just as healthy as home cooking.

3) Lots Of Entertainment And Sports Options – Most likely an empty nest brings about more free time for entertainment. Big cities host several venues for concerts, sports, plays and other events. There is always something to do! We can literally walk out our door and be at a venue in two minutes. That is a special advantage of living in a loft right in the heart of things.

Health Advantages Of Living In The City

4) City Life Is Good For Physical Health – As we get older, it’s more and more important to keep up with physical activity for our health. One of my favorite things about living in the city, is being able to walk to so many places. Having a fun or tasty destination in mind motivates the walking. Plus, if the weather is too bad outside, we can always opt to take skywalks to get around.

5) Hospitals And Medical Centers Are Close By – A more sober thing to think about with aging is the need for medical help. Because of the closeness of so many hospitals, it gives some ease of mind in the case of an emergency. Just going in for a yearly physical is less of a hassle with the easy commute.




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