Christmas Decorating Ideas

I have always loved decorating for Christmas! When we were in our house, I would decorate every room with at least something a little festive. Now our space is a bit smaller but I still decorate as much as I can fit in. The key is to not overwhelm the space. My Christmas decorating ideas are fairly simple and mesh well with my existing decor and color schemes.

Christmas decorating ideas

Simple Christmas Decorating

My wine bar was fun to make festive. For the upper shelving, I simply added or swapped out small decor pieces. I added candy canes to the cocktail glasses and icicle ornaments to the coffee glasses. My favorite glass penguins mix well with the other glassware and the “believe” sign brings in more metallic sparkle.

I had quite a few ornaments from when we used to have a big tree. Now I just display some of my favorites in bowls or trays around the loft. And, I do still have a tree……ish!

christmas decorating

For this area, all I did was swap out the farmhouse style sign and flowers for a Christmas sign and poinsettias. I also swapped out a vase for the north pole bag. I filled the bag with a throw pillow and throw that I needed to store for the Christmas season. After the holidays, I will put this pillow and throw back and store my Christmas pillows.

My Christmas Kitchen and Entry Way


Christmas kitchen

Because I like to keep my kitchen bright and neutral, I only added neutral decor. The white snowballs, bird and ice skates can be left out all winter. I like my entry way to be extra cheery so I added some red there.

christmas decorating ideas

I thought that my sliding rustic door would be the perfect place to hang an indoor wreath! Now that I have it there, I’m thinking that I might need to hang a wreath for every season.

For more Christmas decorating ideas, see how I decorated my cabin with rustic Christmas decor.




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