Christmas Decor At The Cabin

Normally I set out Christmas decor the day after Thanksgiving. However, this year my husband and I took a relaxing week off before the holiday to spend time at our cabin. With all of the rainy weather, I just had to start decorating!

To start, I switched out the centerpiece on our kitchen table.

I love mini Christmas trees for filling a tray. I actually wouldn’t mind keeping little pine trees setting out all year long.

Christmas decor

Next, I set out just a few simple accents. Most of my Christmas decorations are kept at our condo so I made do with what I had.

christmas decor

I put out just a simple Christmas bulb display. This dome is normally used to hold a vintage pocket watch. However, it’s purpose is better served for Christmas decor right now!

Rustic Christmas Decor

Our cabin is naturally rustic in its’ decor so a lot of the Christmas decor just blended right in with the rustic surroundings.

christmas decor

The fabric bird, that I made for the holidays, perches nicely next to this rustic vase. I also added several red Christmas bulbs to the vase to make it more festive.


Christmas decor



Since I already have so many red vintage items, it was easy to create this little Christmas setting. I simply added a small Christmas ornament to the rest of the red and green display.



Christmas decor

Our window seat area already has lots of red as well. The moose pillow was just added for more rustic Christmas warmth. To cool things down a bit, I got out my craft snowballs. I’ll leave these sitting out all winter.

christmas decor

These snowballs are fun to make and are great fillers for trays, bowls or even a candle holder.


Christmas decor

I think I just got warmed up for when I go back home. Next up will be decorating the condo. Even though there isn’t room there for a large Christmas tree, I still find plenty of ways to bring in the Christmas cheer!

Have you started to decorate for Christmas yet?


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