Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas decorating ideas

I have always loved decorating for Christmas! When we were in our house, I would decorate every room with at least something a little festive. Now our space is a bit smaller but I still decorate as much as I can fit in. The key is to not overwhelm the space. My Christmas decorating ideas are fairly simple and mesh well with my existing decor and color schemes. Continue reading “Christmas Decorating Ideas”

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City Life Advantages For Empty Nesters

city life

Once the kids have all grown up and moved out of the house, things get incredibly quiet, That big house in the suburbs no longer seems necessary and city life starts to sound more desirable. The move to the city has been a growing trend for empty nesters. In fact, there is new name for us……Ruppies! This stands for Retired Urban People. Continue reading “City Life Advantages For Empty Nesters”

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The Easy Kitchen Updates That Transformed Our Small Space

easy kitchen updates

As if downsizing from a large house to a small city loft wasn’t hard enough, our new kitchen was also in dire need of a makeover! The biggest problems were that the kitchen had old appliances and a counter top that was too low. I’m not sure why it wasn’t standard height but the issue was obvious. Instead of the oven being flush with the counters, it sat about an inch and a half higher. The shortened counters just made the small kitchen look even more tiny. Also, the walls were painted two different colors which just added to the chopped up feeling. I was looking for some easy kitchen updates! Continue reading “The Easy Kitchen Updates That Transformed Our Small Space”

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