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I never knew that I would enjoy cabin life so much before we built our getaway in the woods. It was going to start out as more of a hunting cabin but turned into so much more. Because it is also on a lake, with lots to do in the surrounding area, it is a true vacation haven for our family.

cabin life

A great way to gather all of our chicks back together is to spend time at our cabin together as a family. There is enough room for the entire family to stay comfortably for multiple days. Even though we don’t have multiple bedrooms, we do have a large lower level that is equipped for sleeping eight additional people. Our vacation home makes having an empty nest much more tolerable!

Our cabin life consists of fun activities and a healthy lifestyle that comes from enjoying the simpler things. Hiking in the woods, kayaking, bicycling and Jeep riding through the two tracks are just a few of the activities that we like to do as a family. Of course, just sitting around a big campfire is fun enough! It gives us a great chance to reconnect and get lots of laughing in.

Enjoying the outdoors is such a huge part of cabin life that we also like to bring a little bit of nature to the inside. Our rustic decor consists of things like logs and branches, including a handmade log stair rail. The rustic ambiance makes the cabin cozy and warm. It doesn’t take long to get relaxed after arriving.

Here you will find posts on family time ideas and rustic decor.

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Living in the Great Lakes State of Michigan means that there are plenty of wonderful spots to have a vacation home. Whether you want a cabin on a lake or in the middle of the woods, a perfect spot can be found in Michigan. The annual Cottage and Lakefront Living show in Grand Rapids offers lots of inspiration and ideas.