Baby Shower Ideas For A Girl

Planning a baby shower is so much fun! When the baby to be is your future grandaughter it is all the more special. My oldest daughter and I recently held a baby shower for my younger daughter. Throughout the planning, we came up with some baby shower ideas that really made the day special.

Since we were planning baby shower for a girl, we incorporated a fair amount of pink and florals. However, besides the overall decor theme, there are some other baby shower ideas to consider when planning a shower.

Planning A Baby Shower Checklist

Date and Time Of Shower – A good rule of thumb is to throw a shower a couple of months before the baby’s due date. A date too close to the expected delivery may be too tiring for the mama to be. Also, having a couple of months to prepare the nursery, with gifted items, helps the new parents with planning.

When considering the time for the shower, think about a time that would be available for most people. A weekend shower, early in the day, seems to work for most people. However, if the guest of honor works on weekends, a mid week evening is also a good time.

For my daughter’s shower, we held it two months before the due date on a Sunday at noon.

Shower Location – If you have a large enough home, that is the most popular place to hold a shower. I, however, live in a small condo so we decided to hold it at a fun venue. There a pros and cons to each idea.

A venue is great for holding a large amount of people and to have ample parking. The only stresser for me was only having an hour to set up before the shower. However, it ended up working perfectly with time to spare.

Holding a shower at your own home allows you plenty of time to set up. It can be more of a hassle, however, if you need to set up tables or additional seating.

Menu – Once you have your time and location figured out, it’s time to work on the menu. Another thing to think about is do you want to do all of the cooking or do you want it catered? If you are holding the shower at a venue, like us, chances are you will want it catered.

In planning our brunch menu, we also kept in mind the dietary needs of the guests. We had one guest who was gluten free and another who was vegan. Choosing to have some dishes that will cater to these needs is a good idea. Plus, many gluten free or vegan dishes are delicious for everyone.

Decor Items – Plan what you want to decorate with to enhance your theme.

Games – Come up with at least one game. Games are a great ice breaker for guests that don’t know each other.

Other Activities – Activities besides games will keep guests active and mingling. A craft idea can even be fun. Decorating letters for the nursery wall was a huge hit at my daughter’s shower.

Baby Shower Ideas For Girls

baby shower ideas

I created several centerpieces by painting branches white and clipping little baby socks to them. Since our venue was vintage inspired, I used vintage milk glass vases for the base.

Our dessert table consisted of pastel macarons and various cookies dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles.

baby shower ideas

The cookies were such an easy baby shower idea. I purchased pink wafer cookies and Pepperidge Farm chocolate and raspberry filled Milano cookies. Then, all I had to do was melt some white chocolate, dip the ends and add sprinkles.

baby shower ideas

Using wooden letters, decorative paper and Mod Podge, we set up an activity table. Everyone could decorate at least one letter for hanging in the nursery. This ended up being a lot of fun and a big hit!

My daughter sent me this picture of the finished letters hanging in the nursery.

baby shower ideas


More Cute Baby Shower Ideas

  1. Have everyone cut a piece of twine, yarn or string to the length of the suspected belly circumference of the mom to be. One by one, have each person wrap their string around the waist of the momma. Whoever’s sting is the closest to the actual size wins. This is a fantastic ice breaker and makes for a lot of laughing.
  2. Set out the thank you card envelopes and have everyone address their own. Have a chalkboard sign saying “Help the busy mom to be by being your own addressee.”
  3. Fill a baby bottle or other container with pink m&m’s. Have everyone guess the quantity.
  4. Have a mimosa or “momosa” bar. Use a variety of juices to make it more fun. Since we were planning a girl shower, we used pink lemonade, pink grapefruit, mango pineapple and the usual orange. A nice addition for the mimosas is also a variety of fresh fruit.
  5. Set the stage for fun photo opportunities. We purchased metallic gold balloons that spelled out the word “Baby”. Then we placed these by a white wall for a perfect back drop.

baby shower ideas

Baby Shower Game – Price Is Right

This is a fun game of guessing prices of popular baby necessities. Download this free printable for your own use.

baby shower ideas

Download Your Free Baby Shower Price Is Right Game

It was so much fun planning this shower! And, it’s even more exciting thinking about that new addition to our family. Even though our home nest is empty, the family continues to grow.

Are you at a stage of planning a baby shower? What baby shower ideas have you come up with that you would like to share?

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