Keep Yourself Fresh With Continuing Education Online Classes

There is nothing better to keep your brain young than to continually work it out. Continuing education is not only fulfilling but also helps to keep the brain fresh. As we get older, it can become easy to fall behind on technology or new processes. Taking a class for a hobby or area of interest will keep us current. Continue reading “Keep Yourself Fresh With Continuing Education Online Classes”

Hotels In Indianapolis That You Must Stay At

hotels in indianapolis

I have had the luxury of being able to travel with my husband on business. Once my husband and I became empty nesters, he took a job with quite a bit of travel and I quit mine. Now we get to spend a lot of time together on the road and seeing new places.

One place that we travel to often is Indianapolis. We like to stay downtown and now have established our favorite go to hotels in Indianapolis. When you have to be away from home a lot, you definitely want a comfortable hotel. Continue reading “Hotels In Indianapolis That You Must Stay At”

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas decorating ideas

I have always loved decorating for Christmas! When we were in our house, I would decorate every room with at least something a little festive. Now our space is a bit smaller but I still decorate as much as I can fit in. The key is to not overwhelm the space. My Christmas decorating ideas are fairly simple and mesh well with my existing decor and color schemes. Continue reading “Christmas Decorating Ideas”