Loft Living: The Good and The Bad

loft living

Loft Living In The City

When my husband and I decided to downsize, we decided to also go from suburban living to living in the heart of the city. We had always lived in suburban areas while raising our kids. The quite areas had great neighbors and a true sense of community. I never would have pictured us living in a busy city.<!–more–> However, after our daughter moved to New York City, we began to really enjoy our visits there and all the hustle and bustle. Although New York would still be too busy for us to live in ourselves, Grand Rapids Michigan is the perfect size city. And, living in a loft got us right in the middle of it! Continue reading “Loft Living: The Good and The Bad”

ADD: Parenting A Child With Attention Deficit Disorder



Raising kids can be such a time of trial and error but throw one into the mix with ADD and it can be quite baffling. My first two kids were both girls that seemed to have a natural tendency toward being high achievers in school. I thought that, as parents, we must be doing something right. Both daughters stressed at getting a B in a class with no pressure from us.

When my son came along, I was totally expecting that same kind of behavior. Boy was I thrown for a loop! Before school age, he was actually even easier than our two daughters. He was the sweetest and most compassionate little boy. The struggles began when he started school. Continue reading “ADD: Parenting A Child With Attention Deficit Disorder”