Empty Nest


How To Survive Empty-Nest Syndrome

An empty-nest can be hard to adjust to after all of the kids have grown and left home. The kids have been your focus for so many years that you can feel a little lost when they are gone. Even though there is a new quiet and emptiness in the home, doesn’t mean your life has to be empty.

Sometimes you almost have to rediscover your identity. Maybe self has been a little ignored with all of the past focus on parenting. This can actually be a fun time! A time to reflect on parenting and be happy that the kids are successfully moving on. You don’t lose your relationship with your kids, you just have a little different role from afar.

This is also when you get to spend more quality time with your spouse. The romance gets rekindled when you have more one on one time. It all started with the two of you so rediscovering each other can be exciting.

Having extra time on your hands can also lead to new hobbies and interests. Acting on those interests will be important. I have discovered some ways to make this time of life more enjoyable and a little easier. You don’t have to just survive having an empty-nest but you can also thrive! There are so many exciting opportunities with this new lifestyle change.

My guide for surviving an empty nest will include ways to redefine yourself and opportunities for growth. It will include tips for gathering the chicks back in to enjoy quality family time. There is also looking forward to and perhaps experiencing the new role of grand parenting.

Not only do these posts offer inspiration for empty nesters but they also are a reflection of parenting and a clear view of advice for young mothers.

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