ADD: Parenting A Child With Attention Deficit Disorder



Raising kids can be such a time of trial and error but throw one into the mix with ADD and it can be quite baffling. My first two kids were both girls that seemed to have a natural tendency toward being high achievers in school. I thought that, as parents, we must be doing something right. Both daughters stressed at getting a B in a class with no pressure from us.

When my son came along, I was totally expecting that same kind of behavior. Boy was I thrown for a loop! Before school age, he was actually even easier than our two daughters. He was the sweetest and most compassionate little boy. The struggles began when he started school. Continue reading “ADD: Parenting A Child With Attention Deficit Disorder”

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Healthy Coffee Drinks

healthy coffee drinks

Is Coffee Good For You?

In my quest to drink and eat clean, I had to know……is coffee good for you….at all? In my own experience, I know that drinking too much coffee can cause one to become jittery or have problems with sleep. Of course, I used to drink my fair share of sweet coffee drinks so I’m sure the combination of sugar and caffeine only intensified the problem. But, I just loved those peppermint mochas or pumpkin spice lattes! Continue reading “Healthy Coffee Drinks”

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Customize WordPress Theme Twenty Seventeen For Blogging

customize wordpress theme

Twenty Seventeen is the newest WordPress default theme. Out of the box, it has some great features for a website. The ability to have a full screen header image, with sticky top navigation, can be a big plus for designing a business website. But what if you want to use this theme for a blogging platform? Continue reading “Customize WordPress Theme Twenty Seventeen For Blogging”

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Redefining Life With An Empty Nest

race car experience

I was told early on that kids grow up fast and to enjoy every moment. Still, when I approached an empty nest, it took me by surprise. How did that happen so fast? Being a stay at home mom for 25 years meant my life happily revolved around my three kids and husband. I had quit my accounting job when my oldest was born and never had a single regret. Continue reading “Redefining Life With An Empty Nest”

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The Easy Kitchen Updates That Transformed Our Small Space

easy kitchen updates

As if downsizing from a large house to a small city loft wasn’t hard enough, our new kitchen was also in dire need of a makeover! The biggest problems were that the kitchen had old appliances and a counter top that was too low. I’m not sure why it wasn’t standard height but the issue was obvious. Instead of the oven being flush with the counters, it sat about an inch and a half higher. The shortened counters just made the small kitchen look even more tiny. Also, the walls were painted two different colors which just added to the chopped up feeling. I was looking for some easy kitchen updates! Continue reading “The Easy Kitchen Updates That Transformed Our Small Space”

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How Clean Eating Changed My Life

clean eating fruit

CLEAN EATING: eating natural or whole foods instead of processed foods

A half a century of eating processed foods can wreak havoc on a body! For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from migraine headaches which, in part, were triggered by the food I ate. Along with the headaches, I have also experienced regular stomach bloat, anemia and weight gain. Continue reading “How Clean Eating Changed My Life”

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